At NEA, we prioritize building strong relationships with our customers, we believe in open communication, and attention to detail, ensuring we help bring your brand successful. Adhering to the design and development orientation, we are devoted to constantly innovating on the latest technical design concepts, material applications, and construction techniques.


Need tech packs and spec sheet ? Our design team is here to help.

Getting your tech packs created properly is a crucial step for your brand. With our design team, you’ll work alongside an expert tech pack designer to create fully developed, high-quality tech packs for your clothing brand.

What is tech pack and spec sheet ?

A Tech Pack and Spec Sheet is a set of documents created by designers to develop new products and communicate with manufacturers. It contains detailed information about your garment design like the size measurements, care label instructions, artwork placement, fabric specifications, packing instructions, etc.


Why is necessary to prepare detailed teck pack and spec sheet in advance ?

We will quote the price and make a sample quickly based on your high-quality tech packs and spec sheets. That’s why we need the detailed information that is in your tech pack. If we can not clearly understand what you want, it means we have to guess, we will lose time and money if not correct, that’s why all factories like to work with brands who know exactly what they want and can communicate it.