How to find the right fabric is the biggest challenge when you are running your brand, with so many options available in the market, it is hard to know where to begin your search. However, our team has full experience in fabric sourcing and development, we will explore different fabric qualities such as knit, woven, yarn dyed, and printed, and various methods for knitting, weaving, and printing.


Fabric sourcing is an important part of the textile and fashion industries, where the quality and appearance of fabrics play a critical role in the success of a product. At NEA, our team will help to source the right fabrics and ensure that the chosen fabrics meet the required quality, color, texture, and other specifications. It involves researching the latest trends and materials, as well as understanding the manufacturing process, environmental impact, and ethical considerations associated with different types of fabrics.

We offer a range of fabric and material development services including:
  1. Fabric Sourcing: find the perfect fabric for your project in any type of fiber and material.
  2. Custom Make: help to create a custom fabric design that reflects your brand and vision from print and pattern to texture and color, we can help to bring your ideas to life.
  3. Lab Dips: You can send us Pantone colors, and we will arrange to prepare lab dips for you approve before dyeing.
  4. Fabric Prototyping: Once we have developed the fabric design, we can create a sample swatch or yardage of the fabric for you to review and approve.
  5. Printed Fabrics Development: We do all kinds of allover printed fabrics, and strong at digital printing and rotary screen printing.
  6. Fabric Testing: We can conduct fabric testing to ensure that your fabric meets industry standards for quality, durability, and performance
With my expertise in fabric development in China and our commitment to quality and client satisfaction, We are confident that we can help you create the perfect fabric for your project.
Let’s work together and discuss your specific fabric development needs and timeline.