How To Let Your Little Ones Have A Good Sleep

How To Let Your Little Ones Have A Good Sleep

Dear new parent, what's the main challenge when taking care of your baby? I'm sure most of the reply revolve around sleeping. Someone will find it incredible, right? As everyone knows, the little one sleeps a lot especially newborn baby, typically 16 to 17 hours a day. But when you become a new parent, you will find soon that "Sleeping like a baby" doesn't seem to be as peaceful as you think. Most babies don't stay asleep for more than two to four hours at a time during day or night.

Sleeping is very improtant for babies. During their sleep, the baby's brain, body and nerves are all developing. They also influence critical abilities such as language, attention, and impulse control.

Help your baby to have a good sleeping by following these tips from start.

1. Keep a good sleeping environment

Many parents are used to let their baby sleep in the same bed as their's to protect their baby. But this behavior is very wrong. Babies may have difficulty to regulate their body temperature and soft bedding or others in the bed will let babies become overheated to casue wakefulness and even suffocate the baby. Putting your baby's crib in your bedroom will also keep you by your baby's side all the time to protect his.

Your baby is very alert. Environmental factors like light and noise will also influence his sleeping. In a dark and quiet environment will let your baby sleep better.

2. Give your baby full feeds before sleeping

Giving your baby full feeds will let them sleep better and longer. Your baby will feel sleepy during feeding, but this does not mean that they are full feed. It is suggested to keep the baby awake by changing the diaper, changing the light or moving, and let them continue to eat until full.

Though full feeds before sleep, your little one will wake up to eat frequently especially few months after birth. When your baby wakes for food during the night, keep the lights and your voice very low and put them back to crib once they are done feeding.

3. Control baby's sleeping time during the day

Sleepless nights caused by the baby's frequent waking up are very painful for parents. And babies can sleep anytime, anywhere, in the stroller or car, in the morning or afternoon. You will find that when your baby sleeps enough during the day, she will be very active at night and won't want to sleep. 

Therefore this is necessary to control baby's sleeping time during the day. Please take your baby out more and play with him by toys more to make him more awake during the day, so that he will be tired at night and sleep better.

4. Swaddling your baby tighting

Swaddling is a habit of wrapping a baby tightly with a cloth or blanket before he sleeps. Some studies have found that wrapped babies sleep deeper, are less frightened, and are more likely to fall asleep than unpacked babies. Becasue a swaddled baby feels that he is still in his mother's stomach, which will make him feel safe and familiar.

EXFATTER swaddle is made with comfortable and breathable bamboo scuba fabric and won't let the baby wake up because of overheating during sleep. And our design will be easier for new parents to wrap their baby than a cloth or blanket. 

5. Give your baby a comforter

A baby comforter is a soft small object, which can provide a sense of security for babies when their parents are not around. A comforter especially with the smell of mom and dad will let babies fall asleep quicker. And when babies wake up throughout the night, they can fall back asleep with it. After a long time, this lovely toy will become a signal for baby that it is time to sleep.

EXFATTER comforter is made with organic cotton and has two animal models (bear and bunny). We believe it will become your baby's sleeping friend and your baby will love it very much!